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Olá a todos eu sou a usuaria Rhubella Marie, burocrata da Desgalipedia I am in vacancy in... hum... ouch!
If people who speak ill of me know what I think of them, speak more.
~ I about Tramontinos
At Uncyclopedia, polls with Sherlock Holmes and Watson, a guard English, Shakespeare with his dreams and the Beatles and their fans.
~ User:Rhubella Marie about Uncyclopedia
Au Désencyclopédie, les trois mousquetaires se battre pour la couronne dans le milieu d'un spectacle de french cancan au Moulin Rouge et les aventures folles de Napoléon et sa Joséphine.
~ User:Rhubella Marie about Désencyclopédie
In Nonciclopedia, lotta mafia, cantanti d'opera, una commedia con Romeo e Giulietta, e Arlecchino e Colombina in gondole di Venezia.
~ User:Rhubella Marie about Nonciclopedia

Hello everyone, my name is Rhubella Marie and I Desgalipedia's bureaucrat and sysop of 3 Uncys created by my friend CartoonistHenning.

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